The cafe officially opened for the 2014 season on April 01, 2014.  We have made several changes inside the cafe from last year, including the addition of a 1953 AMI E-120 jukebox (worked when we bought it but something happened to it while transporting it to Texas, so hopefully we can get it working in 2015) and constructed an outdoor seating / eating area complete with vintage wrought iron tables. We also installed (along with assistance from the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce) an old fashion "Texas" windmill across the street from the cafe and gift shop adjacent to the official Midpoint sign.  We removed the "industrial" exterior lights mounted on the front side of the cafe just under the roof to improve the curb appeal of the building.  We also replaced the individual state Route 66 shields adorning the front wall over the windows of the cafe. 

We continued working on freshening up the interior of the cafe and hung more pictures, added some new antiques, and continued to install license plates sent to us from previous guests if the Midpoint Cafe. So stop by and check out all the changes we've made over the last year!!! 

For the 2015 season, we are planning on several BIG changes for the Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop.  Upgrades include new flooring and refreshening of the gift shop (out goes the old carpet and in comes a new [old] wood floor), reconstruct the counter by raising the height of the counter and providing more leg space when seated on the bar stools, plans for a Route 66 mural on the east wall (exterior wall facing the old closed motel), and a new roof over the oustide seating area installed in 2014 to provide guests with some much need shade., and repainting of east interior cafe wall; complete with new pictures, to tell the history of Adrian, Texas and how the town was impacted by Route 66.

Long term, we hope to raise money for restoring the old ice cream- soda fountain to be a working unit so that we can begin serving ice cream sundaes and milk shakes, and restore the neon in the large "CAFE' sign in our parkling lot. The sign will cost between $15,000 and $20,000 to complete, so if you have any ideas dor raining the money needed to restore this sign, please email us with your thoughts and suggestions.

One of the goals of the Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop is to become a living / working musuem, to tell the history of Adrian, Texas and the role the town had on the travelers of old Route 66.  One way we intend to accomplish this is by repainting the east interior wall as a "road map" and installing new and updated vintage photographs of businesses that once existed along Route 66.  We are also working with several residents of the Adrian Community to produce a new Midpoint and Adrian COmmunity cookbook, complete with stories of how residents came to Adrian, why they stayed, and what they did for jobs as it relates to Route 66.  A large portion of the proceeds generated by the sales of this "Cookbook" will be donated to the Adrian Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) and Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

So Please come and check us out in person, here on our webpage, and on our Facebook page (link is on our "HOME" page).  Please note that we are in the process of trying to get a new and improved webpage, so please be patient and please check back often, especially our Facebook page.